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how to buy

How To Order如何下订
Eunice Fashionshop / 2011-05-10


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As your Members logged in, click "shopping cart" to see all of your selected items, you can continue to add products can be removed to return goods, modify the number of items, recognition on the balance sheet center, and then fill in the consignee information 




         payer information details, easy us to contact you



         Consignee information as the recipient of goods for more information.



         Receiver address, please select the actual address, if the wrong

         select may affect the accuracy of the recipient.



         Receiver  Address must be correct.


After Complete Payment, Please SMS (016-2322492) or Email (eunice2ufashionshop@yahoo.com) or leave massage at shop account  that you transfer amount, payment mode, payment date, Order No. If any question with the order total, shipping, time, you can communication with us. Please keep your bank in slip, if within 3 days not yet pay, your order will be cancel.

在您完成汇款后,请尽快以SMS 016-2322492or 电邮(eunice2ufashionshop@yahoo.com 或到网店留言说明您汇款的金额、支付方式、汇款的日期,并说明您的订单号码。如果您对于订单的价格、配送费用、配送时间等有疑问,可以和我们进行交流。请保存您的银行汇款收据,所有在3天之内未付款的订单将会自动取消!